Samplephonics Deep Textures KONTAKT

Posted by tuongyda14 on January 12th, 2017 in Windows

Samplephonics Deep Textures KONTAKT | 310 Mb

Deep Textures contains a vast selection of ambient soundscapes, evolving textures and layered ambiences, plus a custom instrument for Kontakt 5 that allows unlimited flexibility over morphing, manipulating and processing.

Samplephonics Wonky Dream Pop MULTiFORMAT

Posted by tuongyda14 on January 10th, 2017 in Uncategorized

Samplephonics Wonky Dream Pop MULTiFORMAT | 2.09 Gb

Wonky Dream Pop is an eclectic collection of atmospheric, left field and melodic instrument loops and samples. Crisp electronic drum grooves, laid back guitar licks, ethereal keys, warm, lushious synths, processed piano loops and twisted vocals come together perfectly to create a wonderful collection of inspiring production tools.

Samplephonics Immersive Melodies MULTiFORMAT

Posted by tuongyda14 on December 8th, 2016 in Windows

Samplephonics Immersive Melodies MULTiFORMAT | 1.6 Gb

Ambient, calming, tranquil and expansive only go a small way to describe the controlled beauty that is Immersive Melodies. This gorgeously-moreish Electronica sample library will become your instant go-to when you're in need of sumptuous melody, calming sequences or thought-provoking instrumental phrases.

Samplephonics Downtempo Movements MULTiFORMAT

Posted by tuongyda14 on December 2nd, 2016 in Windows

Samplephonics Downtempo Movements MULTiFORMAT | 1.96 Gb

Downtempo Movements is an elegant, expansive, and other-worldly Ambient sample pack of beautifully crafted evolving loops and one shots. Perfect for providing an evocative sense of calm, clarity and reflection, this delicate sample collection effortlessly glides between genres and styles whilst consistently maintaining a sense of bespoke maturity and ambience.

Samplephonics Fold Electronic Noir MULTiFORMAT

Posted by tuongyda14 on November 12th, 2016 in Applications

Samplephonics Fold Electronic Noir MULTiFORMAT | 625 Mb

The debut collection from newly signed creator 'Fold' is one of absolute wonder, amazement and intrigue. Exploring the darker, more expansive shades of electronica, this bespoke collection of loops & samples utilities the finest in modular processing, tasty outboard, analogue synthesis and a wealth of beautifully crafted vintage guitars; all ran through Fold's favourite collection of spring reverbs, delays and FX.

Samplephonics Atmospheric Garage MULTiFORMAT-FANTASTiC

Posted by tuongyda14 on November 7th, 2016 in Windows

Samplephonics Atmospheric Garage MULTiFORMAT-FANTASTiC
FANTASTiC July 25 2016 | 755 MB

Atmospheric Garage is a deep, rich collection of emotional electronic music. Perfectly balancing score worthy piano and pads with bracing and weighty beats and bass lines, it's a collection that's as relaxing as it is energising.